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History Bites Rick Green Bio

Rick Green, C.M, OOnt, BSc., is the creator, producer, and host of History Bites.

Rick graduated from the University of Waterloo in 1975 with a BSc. in Physics.  He then became a teacher at the Ontario Science Centre where he developed educational programs for the general public and school groups.

In 1979, Rick became a full-time comedian and has written and performed in 700 episodes of television and radio, and numerous stage productions.

With a knack for combining information and humor, Rick is best known for History Bites, for the alternative fiction literacy series Prisoners of Gravity, the long-running comedy series The Red Green Show, and The Frantics comedy troupe.

Since then, Rick has produced two ground-breaking documentaries on adult ADHD: ADD & Loving It?! and ADD & Mastering It!  scores of videos for his website TotallyADD.com, on every aspect of this neurodevelopmental disorder, featuring 75 of the world’s best ADHD experts. He is passionate about being an advocate for adults with ADHD, and has spoken to a wide ranges of audiences. Rick has hosted webinars, been a guest on podcasts and television shows, and has delivered many keynote speeches, workshops, presentations

Rick is honored to be named one of University of Waterloo’s Top 50 Science Graduates, and his work in ADHD has recently earned him recognition as a CAMH Difference Maker (one of 150 Leading Canadians for Mental Health) the Order of Ontario, and the prestigious Order of Canada.